Jeb Bush is first and foremost a family man, as shown by the two large paragraphs about his loved ones in the beginning of the “Meet Jeb” tab on his website. He then goes on to discuss his many failures and successes in his political career, and how he learned from them. More specifically how his experience will shape his outlook and policies as a President.

Some of his policies include a 4 percent plan, which promises to raise economic growth by 4 percent, creating 19 million jobs. He also feels strongly about increasing our cyber security from outside sources with negative intentions. The last main point he touched on was education; he created a scholarship program for students to go to private schools if the public schools are not meeting his or her needs while Governor of Florida, and plans to expand those ideals as President.Jeb Bush

While his family name is easily recognized, this may or may not be a positive thing for him. There are very strong views for and against the policies put in place by the previous Bush administrations, but Jeb does not aim to separate from them. In fact he aims to praise his father specifically, for his presidential actions, and states that he wishes to lead America the way he did.

However, comparing him to his brother is another animal all together. His brother’s politics hit much closer to home with the younger demographic, affecting the groups he most needs support from.

Jeb BushHis brother, President George W. Bush, had an extremely active presidency that tested him in ways most of us cannot imagine. Not everyone may agree with the policies he enacted or the party he affiliates with, but with these heavy burdens he made strong decisions. Decisions that have shaped our modern world. One can hope Jeb follows his brother’s strength as a leader, but is individual in his ideologies and policies.

Polling on July 5th Bush is at 16.3%, the highest in the Republican primary polls. There is  a hypothetical poll of the general election between Bush and Clinton, in which Clinton is at 47.4% and Bush at 41.8%.



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