Almost every parent has heard their child beg for riding lessons, or even a pony ride. Horses are majestic creatures, and they surround our area without being noticed as much as they could. With 16,000 equine facilities in Maryland, one would be taxed to not find one near them. The Maryland Horse Industry Board has pushed their efforts into high gear to make sure even even the smallest of stables can be successful.


Horse discovery centers are their newest and most popular project. People in all reaches of the state can find one to go and explore to see if the equestrian life is the one for them. During an interview with Ross Peddicord, the executive director of the Maryland Horse Industry Board, he described this as a “dynamic time” for the horse industry. As he described the different projects, his excitement and hope for the future could be heard in his voice and seen in his expression.


According to the Maryland Department of Agriculture 2010 Equine census, there are 1,490 equine facilities in Southern Maryland alone, and 5,400 horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules; finding an animal to enjoy may be much easier than you think. Not to mention the countless forms of enjoyment, Polo-cross, Polo, Dressage, Western, Cross Country, Fox Hunting, Hunter Jumper, Barrel Racing, Jousting, or simple companionship are just a few out of the many.


DeLa Brooke Fox Hounds

These facilities not only provide a home for these animals and income for local residents, but also help support local farmers and other businesses for all the grain and supplies. In a small community like this, one can’t forget the way we all affect each other, and the way our lives and jobs are intertwined.
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