On July 3rd, Brian Frosh, Maryland’s Attorney General, joined the ranks of 12 other State Attorneys General and released a statement digging into President Trump. The statement was a response to a request from the President’s Voter Integrity Commission for states to provide voter data to the commission.

Specifically, the commission was looking for voter’s names, party identification, and address. Secretary Frosh’s response denied the commission’s request on the grounds that it “may” be prohibited under state law as well that it “appears designed only to intimidate voters and to indulge President Trump’s fantasy that he won the popular vote.” However, the only information that was requested was data that is publically available .

This grandstanding by liberal attorneys general across the country begs the question: why are they only interested in investigating the possibility of voter fraud/meddling when it might negatively affect Republicans? This is true with the ongoing Russia investigation, which so far has provided no answers and no solutions to prevent future attacks, while the Voter Integrity Commission’s investigation is getting no support from Democrats who claim to be concerned about the integrity of our elections. You decide.



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