Just a few weeks ago the Calvert Memorial Hospital cafeteria reopened sporting a new modernized look. The hospital staff, patients, and members of the community were pleased to see the updates to the cafeteria. During the week following the reopening of the cafeteria the hospital hallways were filled with chatter about the exciting and new changes made to the cafeteria and kitchen. While it may seem routine to replace and update outdated equipment, this renovation to the cafeteria was amongst an even greater change coming to the hospital.

A Brief History

Before getting into the future of the hospital, it will be best to get an understanding of the history of Calvert Memorial Hospital.

Calvert Memorial Hospital was founded in 1919. The original hospital was located on Main Street in Prince Frederick.

Fun Fact: This building is now home to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office.

In the 1950’s, the hospital moved to 100 Hospital Road in Prince Frederick. This was a single story building that later transformed into the more commonly known five story hospital in 1984.

Pictures of these milestones in the history of the hospital used to be found in the hallways. When the renovations began these were placed in storage to prevent damage of the historical images and artifacts during construction. There is a plan for these pictures to be placed in the new portion of the hospital once it is completed.


Renovations and Additions

Last year the radiology department received all new equipment. The equipment was in need of replacement and this was the kick-off of the renovations being done to the hospital. The respiratory department received a facelift as well.

So far the current renovations have taken about a year to complete. The next phase of renovations that are set to take place will begin in mid-September. This phase will take approximately 2-3 years to complete and will be completely finished by the end of 2020.

What are these renovations? To start, the hospital will be changing its name and logo. This change will be released to the public on September 14th, the date of the groundbreaking ceremony for the new addition and to the hospital.

The renovations will take place in the area of the hospital between the elevators and the administration office. The new addition will stretch out into the middle of the courtyard. (see image below) The addition will cost $50 million dollars and will be a great asset to the community.

50,000 square feet will be added to the hospital. Both the second floor, transitions care, and the third floor, surgical and pediatrics, will be gaining 20 new rooms. The hospital will have 80 new private medsurg rooms when the addition is complete.


Private Rooms

What is the reason for these new rooms? The hospital currently has multiple rooms that fit two patients. This ultimately wastes space because men and women can not be housed in the same room and patients with infections sometimes take up a double room.

Today, it is standard for hospitals to have private rooms for patients. First of all, private rooms decrease the rate of infection and limit the amount of contagions that come in contact with the patient. Privacy is amongst another benefit of having individual patient rooms. Patients will no longer have to worry about sharing their personal information with a doctor. Private rooms also allow for patients to sleep better during their stay at the hospital because they do not have to worry about being woken up by their “neighbor.” Ultimately, building private suites for patients will allow for faster recovery.

Another plus side of the private rooms: family members will be able to spend the night with their loved ones once the private suites are finished.


Outstanding Patient Care

Calvert Memorial Hospital is one of a few hospitals in Southern Maryland. What sets it apart?

Unlike other hospitals in Southern Maryland, it is an independently owned community hospital. It is a non-profit hospital that serves the community with quality healthcare and wellness promotion.

Currently, Calvert Memorial Hospital has the lowest patient readmission rate in the entire state of Maryland.



Throughout the years there have many rumors and speculations about a trauma center at Calvert Memorial Hospital. Is it possible for Calvert County to house a trauma center?

In an interview with Dean Teague, President and CEO of CMH, it was confirmed that there will not be a trauma center coming to Calvert. Why?

Teague stated that it would be better for the community to utilize the resources we already have rather than trying to recreate the facilities that already exist.

There is no need for Calvert to construct a trauma center. Prince George’s Hospital Center is the current home to the trauma center for Southern Maryland. Patients with severe trauma can be flown to Prince George’s Shock Trauma Center in ten minutes or less.


Going Forward

As the renovations take place different departments will be moved to new areas in the hospital. Make sure to pay attention to the changes.

The Emergency Room entrance will soon become the main entrance to the hospital.

While it may seem costly it is definitely great that the hospital will be undergoing these renovations. Calvert Memorial Hospital will continue to provide Southern Maryland will quality care as it transitions into a more modernized hospital. Like the hospital says in its “Pillars of Excellence”, healthcare is an ever-changing field filled with innovation and and advancements.

Mock Image of the Addition

More mock images of the new addition and renovations to the hospital can be found on the Calvert Memorial Hospital website or using the following link: http://www.calverthospital.org/construction-updates




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